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Corona Virus Protection

Here we are in the middle of a world-wide crises! The entire global community is in jeopardy of maintaining good heath and wellness. This virus is jeopardizing lifestyles, economics and more. But there is help with shungite which protects against EMF’s and its an anti-viral as well! Further Shungite Jewelry protects you from these harmful EMF’s

Following are some of the many benefits derived from Shunigite: It’s an Anti-viral (key against covid-19) including purifying water, helping with cures for cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, psorisis, schizophrenia, skin disorders, as well as respiratory diseases such as COPD (Key against covid-19.)

There are scientific studies performed as early as 2007 about the benefits of shungite. A group of Scientists won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for the discovery of fullerenes in 1996 which is found in no other substance or form on the earth.

It is the best antioxidant on earth as well. Medical News Today says antioxidants are substances that can prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals, and unstable molecules that the body produces as a reaction to environmental and other pressures.

Thereby preventing one from encountering debilitating conditions and diseases such as cancer, heart disease and respiratory diseases including asthma to name a few. My point being that shungite may some day be more valuable than gold.

The world is changing and the energy is going wild in the world around us. We don’t have to be victims or afraid of viruses. The medical community has been informing us for years that there are strains of viruses that are immune to the medical establishment’s antibiotics. The only place to turn is to the plants, herbs and minerals of the earth.

Shungite is carbon. According to the late and great Dr. Sebi…there is no melanin. There is only carbon. He said the body needs minerals. Not vitamins. Shungite is carbon and contains the only fullerenes discovered on the planet.

Shungite will speed up recovery time of many illnesses according to the most recent research. Shungite does cure! Perhaps it will affect each of us differently. But if nothing more, you are protected from harmful EMF’s and the good news is that it is considered to be anti-viral.

One of my conspiracy theories is that 5G will bombard us with sound frequencies from WIFI that can perhaps stimulate the spread of virus’ in communitiues. WIFI towers, cellphones, televisions, microwaves, electrical outlets, coffee pots, and toasters are all bombarding us at an alarming rate with EMF’s already…but nothing is mentioned about it. Shungite will protect from EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Frequencies).

But the fact that it is also an antiviral peaked my interest even more because the most interesting subject to me in life has been in the area of metaphysics. Metaphysics cover so many different genres. Gemstones and herbs are just one example.

Echinacea herb is excellent as an anti-viral. I recommend the liquid drops referred to as echinacea extract which can be purchased at an herbal store. Purchase the bottle with the dropper. This goes straight to the blood stream immediately and kills virus’, bacteria, parasites, yeast, mucous, inflammationn and more. My favorite herbalist Dr. Axe says it better! So here is an article on the Benefits of Echinacea. Be sure to read it!

I know herbs have nothing to do with Shungite. But because this article is designed to introduce hope to everyone on how to stay safe from the corona virus; I found it necessary to refer herbs, plants and minerals that we can use to keep any virus’ at bay.

One of Echinacea’s primary benefits is that it boosts the immune system and helps to thwart off any virus and keep it at bay. We need to begin with a strengthened immune system and echinacea will do just that. Enhance the immune system..

So include herbs and use Shungite on a daily basis by wearing it or putting it in your water. You can purchase shungite rocks of all sizes, pyramids, spheres and more. Also necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pendants which will all have a positive effect on balancing your body and keeping it in optimal health. You can order shungite Jewelry here.

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Published by Sharycea Arciaga AKA Shar M. Wells, Author

Sharyce Arciaga is an online entrepreneur, spiritualist, blogger, author and the owner of Black Queen Jewels, a one-stop shop for Fine Jewelry, Gemstones and Collectibles. For Fine jewelry, precious metals and collectibles see Black Queen Jewels at

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