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Forbes Top 12 Gemstone List

Today I invested in Alexandrite. I’t s exciting to have this gemstone in my midst. I have one for my self and one to offer. Alexandrite is the number one investment in gemstones on nearly every top ten list of gemstones. One of the main characteristics of Alexandrite is that it changes color according to the brilliance or dimness of the light source.

Following is a link to 12 Most Expensive Gemstones In The World – Forbes. I thought it would be interesting to note. It will show you the gemstones and the possible price per carat. Perhaps this list will prompt you to see your way towards investing in precious gemstones.

It lists Alexandrite #6 at $12,000 per carat. Also note that Grandidierite is listed at number #3 at $20,000 per carat. Ladies, this is an opportunity for us to enjoy wearing our jewelry as we amass the wealth of collectible jewelry!

As for the men; when you guys are trying to get out of the dog-house buy collectible jewelry for your wealth as well! Your significant other will love you and you will love yourself!

Since beginning this article I have purchased many more rare gemstone such as the red diamond, yellow diamond and pink sapphires. It’s very exciting to have these gemstones in my possession.

It’s nice to wear the jewels as well. It’s lots of fun and many of the gemstones are quite breath-taking. For example, I would have never thought that the rainbow moonstone would captivate me with its brilliance and its myriad of colors.

And suddenly I am into white jewelry. White (clear) Jade, white howlite, mother of pearl, and fresh water cultured pearls. There are so many different gemstones. I’ts nice to learn about and discover new ones that I have never heard of.

So in looking over the Forbes List above, I would hope that the next time you purchase jewelry that you will think along the lines of collectibles. Or think of purchasing your jewelry as a pleasurable investment vehicle.

Also, I am just beginning to understand the private collection. I have some collectible jewelry that I don’t want to sell…unless I am made an offer I can’t refuse! So this jewelry is not listed on my Etsy Shop website.

It is my private collection that is personal to me. The rarest gemstones that I possess. I take pictures and post them on my social media sites sometimes but these pieces are not listed on my website for sale.

Hence, the Private Collection. So, if you see pictures of jewelry that I have posted elsewhere but it is not listed on the Etsy Shop website you might want to ask me for The Private Collection.

Hope to see you soon right here!

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Published by Sharycea Arciaga AKA Shar M. Wells, Author

Sharyce Arciaga is an online entrepreneur, spiritualist, blogger, author and the owner of Black Queen Jewels, a one-stop shop for Fine Jewelry, Gemstones and Collectibles. For Fine jewelry, precious metals and collectibles see Black Queen Jewels at

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